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Yura mari ngara yanga marri, barrbanga gurlibuwa
People become great as they hear and do good things
as we learn the proper way of maintaining our heritage

This evolving website is an image repository, and includes a number of articles which focus on the history of The Shire. It is a product of the minds of many Sutherland Shire residents. Its founding members are Les Bursill, Dawn Emerson, Cliff Emerson, Dr. Ed Duyker, Merle Kavanagh, Garriock Duncan, Mary Jacobs. The images have been placed within a number of categories - we hope you enjoy exploring the site.

Tom Ugly's
Heritage Homes
Reference materials

Reference materials
Articles include
Sutherland: mapping a
literary history
St Mark's Church,
Sylvania: "Glenn Robin"

Related Links
Biographical references to explorers, botanists
and zoologists who described parts of the shire and its
flora and fauna
The Sutherland Shire, is a Local Government Area in the Southern region of Sydney, Australia. Geographically it is the area to the south of Botany Bay and the Georges River




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